2018, the 50th anniversary of the Paris protests of May 1968, is the occasion to compare the history of those revolutionary moments that appear essential to collective understandings in Europe and beyond. How do we come to create our specific myths of revolution – what is the work being done by these myths in our collective memory – and what uses do we make today of the idea of revolution? In partnership with King’s College London, with a guest appearance by Ken Loach.

Talk with


  • Anna Bernard, Head of Comparative Literature and Senior Lecturer in English and Comparative Literature at King’s College London
  • Rosa Mucignat, Senior Lecturer in Comparative Literature at King’s College London
  • Karolina Jakaite, Lecturer in History of Design and Design Management at the Vilnius Academy of Arts
  • Sanja Perovic, Senior Lecturer in French and Co-Director of the Centre for Enlightenment Studies at King’s College London
  • Benedict Schofield, Head of Department of German at King’s College London


  • Ziad Elmarsafy, Professor of Comparative Literature at King’s College London